ⓘ C2H4O4


ⓘ C2H4O4

C 2 H 4 O 4 可以指:

  • 2-氢过氧基乙酸 5699-44-5. (2-hydrogen peroxy acetic acid 5699-44-5)
  •四氧杂环己烷 CAS:291-15-6.
  • 一水合乙醛酸 CAS:563-96-2. (A Glyoxylic acid CAS: 563-96-2)
  • 2-羟基过氧乙酸 21860-08-2. (2-hydroxy peroxy acetic acid 21860-08-2)
  • 2.2.2-三羟基乙醛 CAS:225525-86-0.
  •四羟基乙烯 CAS:102139-46-8.
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